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Refreshing Care Wellness Set Trial


清润养护套 (Refreshing Care Wellness Set)

✅ 针对急性炎症能够快速消炎消肿
✅ 改善女性妇科炎症 – 调白带和异味等
✅ 加强机体代谢排出肠道中的垃圾毒素
✅ 有效预防盆腔毒素过多而造成的病变隐患
✅ 阻止黑色素形成并达到美白全身肌 肤的功效

Helps the body’s metabolic capacity to strengthen through proper maintenance of certain specific areas thus increasing the detoxification of harmful toxin left in the body thru monthly menses, vaginal discharge, pregnancy, child birth, sexual intercourse and garbage toxins from the uterus.